Curbsiders, otherwise known as the criminals of the automotive industry poses as a threat, not only to dealerships but also consumers like yourself, who simply wouldn’t know any better.

So What Is A Curbsider?

Curbsiders are unlicensed dealers who often portray themselves as a private seller, with the sole purpose of making a profit. They generally in no way consider the legality of the sale or have the buyer’s best interest in mind. There are many reasons why buying private is a huge risk, but here are a few examples:

  • NO HISTORY REPORT. A private seller is not obligated to disclose any accidents that might have happened to the vehicle. There can potentially be damages or things tampered deeper within that cannot be determined by the physical appearance or the test drive. (I.e. rebuilt vehicles, odometer rollback, etc.)
  • STOLEN VEHICLES. Curbsiders often pose as relatives or friends of the vehicle’s appropriate owner, so ALWAYS make sure the information on the ownership matches his/her driver’s license, as the rightful owner is the ONLY person that is allowed to conduct the transaction of the sale.
  • VEHICLE WITH LIEN. Without the need to provide a UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package) during the sale, Curbsiders can sell you a vehicle that still has a lien registered, and you wouldn’t know it until you try to register the vehicle into your name. You will then be stuck owing the remaining balance or choose to give up the vehicle you may have paid thousands of dollars for.
  • NO PROTECTION. Unlike a dealership, who has a business storefront to go back to, private sellers are no longer held responsible for anything that happens once the vehicle is in your name. Therefore it has no guarantee, no warranty, no assurance and more importantly no peace-of-mind.

How Can I Protect Myself From Curbsiders?

As a consumer, it is human nature that we are constantly on a hunt for good deals, and even though sometimes it may be “too good to be true”, it is without a doubt that unusually low price tags will always peak our interest. The best way to avoid a world of trouble just to save a few bucks is to make sure you’re shopping at/with an OMVIC licensed dealership/salesperson.

Due to the negative image that Curbsiders have positioned upon the automotive sales industry, it is now heavily regulated by UCDA and OMVIC to ensure maximum protection amongst consumers. OMVIC licensed dealerships, whether it is a franchise or an independent such as StreetXtreme Auto Gallery, are working hard to restore the representation of the automotive sales industry by creating the best experience and aftercare for every client. The automotive sales industry has become amazingly transparent that you’re even able to look up the salesperson/dealership on the OMVIC website to validate their accreditation. Remember to take your precautions when making decisions for your 2nd largest purchase.

Experience the difference. Buy with Confidence. Drive happy.

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